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1888-9 with the const of a railway to the summit of Pilatus near Lucerne with gradients of 48, almost 1 in 2, the steepest in the world, Locher-Freuler designed a special rack with horizontal teeth on each side. Écauville, Paul Born in Petit Boury in Frnace on Died 1922 according to Marshall. From 1862 he was the chief manager of the railway, served as the Transport Minister from 1866 to 1869 and as a member of the Railroads Committee from 1870 to 1875. Marshall notes that Seguin died in his place of birth on 24 February 1875, also notes that he trained under Joseph Montgolfier. The advantage of the two-cylinder compound was that it did not deman151d the extra expense of third or fourth cylinders, but it had the disadvantage that it was impossible to ensure that at all cut-offs the work done in the large low-pressure cylinder would exactly. The Belpaire boiler and Walschaerts valve gear were both Belgian products, and both belonged to that group of innovations which seemed to their inventors not to create a revolution, but simply to promise a better way of doing things. Sauvage's 2-6-0, like its successors in Britain, could be operated as a compound, a simple, or as semi-compound (by admitting some steam direct from the boiler to supplement that entering the low-pressure cylinders). His later experiments with novel high-pressure boilers in his native Germany and elsewhere were not successful. free dating in deutschland carouge However, research in Britain led to an improved application of the Caprotti gear in the 1950s. Where he spent 2 years. During this time he pushed for the electrification of the rail system using DC voltage. His engineering work began immediately upon his return to the railway workshop in Niš. Cox ( Locomotive panorama. Engrs, 1935, 25, 254-69. Pioneer of reinforced-concrete bridge construction. Decauville had visited the Festiniog Railway in 1879. Mallet was unable to interest any of the mainline railways in his idea.

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23 December 1885; died on 13 November 1967 in Belgrade. Nevertheless, Jacquet does describe the historical application of this highly significant form of valve gear. These designs and his perseverance earned Wittfeld the reputation of being a trailblazer in the field of electric traction. He became a trainee at the South Railway Company; an engineer in 1878, deputy head of stores in 1879, head at Tarbes 1880, in central Bordeaux from 1887 to 1897, deputy chief engineer in the Paris area between 1897 and1907, chief mechanical engineer between 1907and. Published 12432/1908 Improvements in and relating to steam superheating. He was named 3rd class engineer Moved to Compiègne in February 1903, to work on water supply to the city in 1908. free dating in deutschland carouge

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